BOV employees give second-hand items new life to support MSPCA

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December, 2022 at 5:28 pm by Andre Camilleri

BOV employees found a new way of being generous, responding to an initiative undertaken by the CSR team and donating second-hand items to support the charity shops run by the MSPCA- the Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals which is the oldest animal welfare and homing centre on the island. Donations included items of clothing and accessories, books, stationery, electronics, toys and household goods that were still in good condition. All these items were delivered to the MSPCA to be cleaned and priced, ready for a new life when purchased at one of the MSPCA charity shops.

In addition, the Bank partnered with other local companies to support the MSPCA through financial support. This went to support its latest project by the MSPCA, which seeks to utilise an unused space of approximately 200 sqm and build decent sized kennels as well as an agility space. In the process, about 150 sqm of asbestos will be removed to rebuild the back of the shelter.

A number of BOV employees also volunteered their time, spending an afternoon assisting MSPCA workers and volunteers with their daily tasks. They helped up in the cleaning of the area as well as walking the dogs.

Speaking about the initiative, Jesmar Spiteri from the Bank’s CSR Team explained, “Spending a few hours helping the volunteers and workers tending to these four-legged friends was a very rewarding experience for every one of us who participated. It really gives you a deeper insight of what this mission is all about.” He also expressed his gratitude towards those employees who responded to the Bank’s call and chose to support this initiative. Such initiatives are organized by the Bank because they consolidate its commitment towards ESG principles, whilst also creating awareness about how we can all be more active in our local communities.

Bank of Valletta invites other companies to take the initiative and support the MSPCA in raising funds for its project. Anyone who is interested in donating goods to the MSPCA charity shops may do so by contacting them on tel. 2142 0444 to arrange a collection of bulk donations. One may also choose to assist by volunteering and helping them to sort out and price donated items. More information about MSPCA’s charity shops may be found in the following link

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