Malta allocated €205 million for the European Social Fund+

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 November, 2022 at 9:12 pm by Andre Camilleri

The European Commission approved Malta’s national programme for the European Social Fund Plus for the 2021-2027 financial period.  Collectively, the programme provides for a total budget of around €205 million and will give Malta the opportunity to support investment in its human capital, which remains the country’s most important resource.

Investment under the ESF+ programme has the objective of strengthening capacities in all sectors falling within the scope of the ESF+ regulation, namely employment, education, health and social sectors, with the objective of improving and adapting services to new and emerging needs.

Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Lands Silvio Schembri said that as a country we already know the benefits from European funds. “As a country, we have implemented several projects thanks to EU funds. Today these funds have been approved and thus a number of other social projects will be carried out for the benefit of all.”

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett welcomed the approval of the operational programme and stated that Malta is committed towards a successful implementation of the new programme.

“Whilst Malta will continue to build on the various actions which are currently being implemented under the current programme, the new programme complements other EU-funded interventions and investments. This renewed support will continue building on the support provided under previous programming periods and reflect also the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Dr Bonett.

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