‘Accelerate vaccination to frontliners in order to minimize further risk of spread and tragic fatalities’ – MUBE

Last Updated on Friday, 12 March, 2021 at 8:47 am by Andre Camilleri

After being instrumental behind the efforts to hold last Wednesday’s MCESD meeting, the Malta Union of Bank Employees – MUBE is again appealing to Deputy Prime Minister Fearne and the Health Authorities to accelerate vaccination to all front liners working in the sector to avoid further spread and further fatalities. To this effect, whilst MUBE confirms that it has the support of the Malta Bankers’ Association, pressure is mounting and tension is increasingly high amongst front liners which mostly includes customer facing employees.

MUBE further states that as long as Government continues to insist on Banking being a critical service to which the sector has efficiently responded through the whole twelve months of the pandemic, MUBE will continue to be adamant on the urgent need to vaccinate the front liners as this can be crucial to avoid any further spread whilst minimising any risks that employees and customers might suffer.

Therefore, MUBE continues to insist on urgent vaccination of front-liners who offer the critical service as they are mostly in continuous contact with customers and/or interact with external officials for long sessions in a normally ‘closed’ working environment.

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