APS Bank presents 2019–2021 business plan

Illustration: APS Bank in Is-Swatar. (source: Wikimedia Commons/Continentaleurope)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 April, 2019 at 2:00 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

APS Bank presented its 2019–2021 Business Plan to all staff at a meeting held on 15 February at the Corinthia St George’s Bay Hotel, according to a recent press statement by the bank. The bank says the plan provides “key strategic direction” for the years ahead.

“APS Bank’s renewed mission is to make the banking experience simpler and more personal, inspired by a commitment to social, economic and environmental progress while providing all stakeholders with opportunities to grow,” the press statement says.

Hervé Delpech, Head of Strategy and Marketing, presented the plan at an event attended by 400 employees. Mr Delpech said one priority is to make APS the leading community bank in the area.

“The fact that APS is an increasingly important bank for the Maltese system creates responsibilities as well as challenges for us. The [recently presented] plan is our roadmap to achieve that [the established aims], it belongs to all of us and will only be effective to the extent that we make it our very own,” said Marcel Cassar, CEO of APS Bank.

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