Balance and sensitivity should be our priority to survive the current crises

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 November, 2020 at 11:55 am by Andre Camilleri

Valletta businesses have had a very bad year due to Covid, much worse than that experienced in any other locality. A good number have had to close and let people go. Calling it a day is a very hard decision, and the repercussion of such decisions and being very underestimated today. Waking up not having a job to go to is a very harsh reality with devastating effects on the person and the family.

The Capital city is ideal for many reasons during the current times. It has large open-air spaces and in total Valletta covers a significant area. People are still finding ways to enjoy the outdoors and Valletta is currently safe and under-utilised. Highlighting this function of Valletta and giving the families, seeking to enjoy some quality time safely, a small token of encouragement in terms of free parking is very balanced and sensitive in the current times.

Hopefully a solution through the vaccine is fast approaching and one will be able to return to an increased level of normality, however in the meantime we must be balanced and sensitive to avoid severe repercussions.

People want to go on living their life safely and it is the duty of the Government to provide such a space with the best possible conditions to do so. It is also the duty of the Government to sustain Valletta and private operators in this great time of need.

No Notte Bianca or event-like activity was announced yesterday. Some Christmas lights and kids choir can hardly be referred to as an activity, let alone an event. The Health Authorities have been consulted and there are clear protocols that must be followed. Apart from this everyone has his own responsibilities to follow and the authorities have their important function to address anyone acting in disregard. A few bad apples cannot steal away everyone else’s enjoyment of the Christmas spirit.

Needless to say the SME Chamber is categorically against any irresponsibility and breach of health regulations. Health and the economy are not against each other. Quite to the contrary they go hand-in-hand and we will continue being against any attempts to upset this balance from either side.

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