Beyond sensationalism: Tangible action by those who have the ELT industry at heart

Last Updated on Friday, 8 May, 2020 at 12:50 pm by Andre Camilleri

All applications for financial aid and wage supplements for the English Language Teaching sector have been processed by Malta Enterprise. This was confirmed by the ELT Council, the industry’s regulator, and FELTOM, the recognized association for English language schools.

Collaboration between the ELT Council, FELTOM, Malta Enterprise, Tourism Ministry and MTA has resulted in a robust response to the dire situation created by COVID-19. While it is important to recognize the hardships experienced by those working in the ELT sector, everything possible was done to ensure that the necessary aid was provided in the most transparent and appropriate manner, something that required due diligence and time.

As funding activities in support of the COVID-19 response transition from words into action, the ELT Council and FELTOM will now focus on ensuring that the industry survives and gradually returns back to its normal operations in the best interests of all stakeholders, educators and industry partners.

“We all find ourselves in this situation, but we will only come out of it stronger and ready to welcome students to Malta for a quality language learning experience if we work together”, said Sue Falzon, CEO of the ELT Council.

James Perry, FELTOM CEO, stated “We have been working hard to represent the ELT industry’s concerns and interests in order to ensure that we have an industry to come back to. Our efforts will not stop here. Together with the ELT Council, we will continue to engage in dialogue with the government in order to seek its continued support after the resumption of our sector’s operations.”

Over the years, the local ELT sector has become a significant pillar within the tourism industry, as well as one of the main contributors to Malta’s ever-evolving education sector. Indeed, the ELT Council and FELTOM, in close collaboration with other stakeholders, will continue to ensure that what has been achieved so far will keep flourishing in the years following the COVID-19 situation.

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