Xjenza Malta officially launched, will take up the role of the MCST

Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 July, 2024 at 12:07 pm by Andre Camilleri

Xjenza Malta was inaugurated on Monday and will not only be in charge of all R&I activities from the level of policy making, implementation and financial programs, but is also poised to take up the function of the Maltese Council for Science and Technology and continue building on its work.

The PN had commented on Xjenza Malta last Saturday, noting that the legal notice, as proposed by the government, is not addressing the problems the country has in this sector and will “certainly” not be the solution the country needs, with reference to the critique and suggestions of the Peer Review – Maltese Research and Innovation System (2019).

The Ministry for Education on Monday announced the launch of the new Xjenza Malta governmental agency which will be responsible for all activities related to research and innovation, including the development and implementation of policies and national, EU and international financial programs related to these sectors as well as initiatives related to space. It said that the Agency will operate from the Malta Interactive Centre for Science (Esplora) and will also take the role and responsibilities of the Maltese Council of Science and Technology.

The Ministry said that Xjenza Malta is going to build on the work and investment that was already made by the Maltese Council for Science and Technology and will also work to update the national policy for R&I and space as well supervise the implementation of this national policy. It said that the agency will administer and finance a wide variety of initiatives regarding research and innovation and will also have a role as the National Contact Point for Horizon Europe, all the while increasing public knowledge on STEM-based science and education.

Minister for Education, Clifton Grima, said: “Xjenza Malta is another step in the right direction to continue building on the much good that was already done and the more we are yet to do in the sectors of research and science which are so important and crucial for the development of our country. Through this agency, there will be a stronger and more efficient structure which will allow the main stakeholders to benefit from help and collaboration which will lead to the country attracting new investment and will lead to even better results.”

Parliamentary Secretary Keith Azzopardi Tanti spoke about how the work of the Maltese Council for Science and Technology, throughout the years, contributed to the growth of the economy in the country as it financed a number of projects in the area of Research and Innovation that led to new and innovative products and services. He added that over these last few years, besides the funds for research increasing, the portfolio of research programs has been widened and will lead to better research in Malta in important sectors as well as new niches and sectors. Ultimately, he said that the new agency will keep on building on the good work done by the council so that the country will keep on moving forward in these sectors, which are important for the future of the country.

The Chief Executive of Xjenza Malta, Silvio Scerri, said that the new agency will work to fully maximise the opportunities received by the country that are offered by the Research and Innovation Sector for more diversification and economic growth. He said that the agency will be ope to all the stakeholders and for new ideas whilst focusing on the communication within the community, with private enterprises and academic institutions that carry out research.

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