Malta retains first position in eGovernment out of all European countries

Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 July, 2024 at 12:01 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Maltese Public Service has been recertified first in Europe for eGovernment services, the government said in a statement Tuesday.

Malta obtained first place at a result of 97%, which is a one percentage point better than last year.

This year Malta was again followed by Estonia (92%) and Luxembourg (90%). This emerged from the report “eGovernment benchmark reports 2024” issued by the European Commission, in which it analyses online government services of all European countries in 2023.

The Malta Public Service ranked first in this study with a result that is 21% higher than the average of other countries, the statement said.

The Head of the Malta Public Service Tony Sultana said that this is another certificate of the high levels of public services in our country as well as the skills of Maltese public officers. He said that for this reason, the theme of skills was discussed in the Public Service Expo24 so that they will always evolve together with technology. “Such a result would not have been possible without the public officer’s dedication, and the investment which will continue to be made so that the Maltese Public Service will always have the best digital tools and skills within it.”

The European Union carries out this study every year to determine how effectively public administrations offer their services using four major criteria which are “user centricity, transparency, key enablers and cross-border services.”

The report “eGovernment benchmark 2024” is available here.

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