CBM participating in residential leases project

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 February, 2021 at 2:15 pm by Andre Camilleri

Economists from the Central Bank of Malta are participating in the Private Residential Leases Observatory that was set up by the Housing Authority – as the regulator of the private rental market – to analyse in detail the developments in this sector.

The Bank’s representatives in the Private Residential Leases Observatory will contribute to the publication The 2020 Malta Residential Study, which will be a detailed report that will give a clearer and more detailed picture of the private rental market in Malta.

The publication of this report will complement the existing sources of information on the private rental market. In addition, it will open new research opportunities, both of an economic and social nature, which are difficult to conduct with the information that the Bank has to date.

The Bank has a long history of monitoring developments in the housing market in Malta. The Bank was the first institution to develop a property price index for Malta, which is still being updated and published on a quarterly basis. The housing market features regularly in the Bank’s publications, both for economic analysis and financial stability purposes. In fact, in the last few years, economists from the Bank have published several analytical and technical studies related to the property sector in Malta. In addition, the Bank regularly participates in domestic and international fora related to the housing sector.

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