Delicata winery to hold classic wine festival event

(source: Delicata media)

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The 18th edition of the Delicata classic wine festival will take place 8 August – 11 August 2019, from 19:00 until midnight every day, at the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, according to a press release sent to Business Malta.

The Delicata wine festival will feature more than 20 wines to sample, including the semi-sparkling Frizzantes made from the native old bush vines Girgentina and Ġellewża.

The DOK — “denominazzjoni ta’ Oriġini Kontrollata” [Maltese phrase for denomination of controlled origin] — Malta Medina and DOK Gozo Victoria Heights boutique wines will also be available along with a selection of the flagship Gran Cavalier and Grand Vin de Hauteville ranges, as well as the sweeter lifestyle Dolcino and Falcon wines, the popular Casella Moscato and other varietals of the Classic Collection, all three Pjazza Reġina wines and the ready-mixed wine coolers called SpritZZers, according to the press release.

Each evening will feature two Maltese performers, such as Airport Impressions and The Crowns. Cooking stalls will be serving a variety of both traditional Maltese and international dishes to offer a wide selection of tastes.

Entrance to the event is free of charge. For wine tasting a fee of €16 is applicable, which includes a wine purse filled with 24 wine coins and a souvenir glass to keep. When presenting the correct amount of wine coins at the stalls, the wine stewards will pour a standard 150 ml glass of the wine in the festival glass.

Wine purses and glasses are sold at the venue until 23:00, wine is poured up to 23:30 and the festival closes at midnight. Delicata winery encourages patrons to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Wine coins may be prepurchased from the Delicata website, allowing attendees to save time on queuing. A voluntary donation is accepted when paying online in aid of the preservation of endangered sea turtles by Nature Trust Malta, a beneficiary of the winery’s charitable Delicata for Good initiative. Anyone who donates automatically has the chance to win a double magnum of the winery’s signature and award-winning Gran Cavalier Syrah.

DOK is a term coined by the government which stands for “denominazzjoni ta’ Oriġini Kontrollata”, which is a Maltese phrase for “denomination of controlled origin”. DOK wines are PDO — protected designation of origin — wines produced from grapes cultivated in Malta and Gozo, according to the agricultural sector.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The present story has been updated with the correct times included in paragraph six.

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