Demand for Masters’ qualifications exceeding combined demand for MQF 5 & 6 qualifications

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 July, 2023 at 3:11 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta’s Central Mediterranean Business School announces new partnership with Coventry University London

The demand for part-time Masters’ qualifications has surpassed that of Diplomas at Level 5 and Degrees at Level 6 according to a research study commissioned by Central Mediterranean Business School earlier this year, to identify preferred Further and Higher Education options.

The same study also saw the subject of Business Management emerge as the most frequently mentioned field of study, followed by Education, Finance, and IT.

Central Mediterranean Business School, a leading educational institution in Malta has just established an academic partnership with renowned British university Coventry University London, a development poised to ‘push the boundaries of the status quo’ in bringing forward higher and further education in Malta according to CMBS’ School Principal Kristina Galea Borg.

“This is a first for Malta and we are looking at this achievement as a testament to the high-quality programmes that CMBS offers, the professionalism and dedication of our faculty and the resilience of our team,” she added.

Founded in 2013 as the Academy of Business Leaders, CMBS today is an education powerhouse dedicated to developing, obtaining accreditation for, awarding, and delivering innovative qualifications constantly aligned with changing industry demands.

Through work-based learning programmes, CMBS students are not only equipped to succeed academically, but crucially, to be ready for industry with academic knowledge and insight that they can tangibly apply to real-life work scenarios.

“These successful outcomes were also confirmed by the same survey which helped us understand better our position in the higher education sector and more specifically, how we rank when it comes to customer loyalty. In fact, CMBS achieved a very positive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +41.7 when the closest score by a competitor was -7.1. Respondents also rated CMBS very highly in terms of excellent tutors and lecturers, as well as in terms of the strong relationship between the academy and its students, highlighting the notable quality of service provided by CMBS staff.”

“In this context, this new partnership with Coventry University, the result of 18 long months of challenging work, marks an important milestone for Malta’s current education landscape because it is a first for the country. In fact, this is not us running Coventry University’s programmes here in Malta but having our own homegrown programmes validated by Coventry University,” explains CMBS CEO Morgan Parnis.

CMBS’ partnership with Coventry University, represents a new benchmark in terms of education opportunities for those seeking to further their education prospects. The collaboration in fact, will now provide students at CMBS with a unique opportunity to graduate with an international accredited degree from a top university in the United Kingdom and a leading further and higher education institution in Malta, by following one CMBS programme of studies here in Malta.

“Students and employees are increasingly seeking educational experiences that are more transformative and that empower them to become global citizens and leaders in their respective fields. They are also in search of qualitative education that enables them to gain the competitive edge they need to further their careers. We believe that this new achievement for CMBS has carved an important niche for us,” added Morgan Parnis.

Through this partnership, CMBS will offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering a diverse range of fields, including business, human resources and finance.

Students are increasingly in search of qualitative education that enables them to gain the competitive edge they need to further their careers.

Morgan strongly believes that “besides providing students with a broad spectrum of educational options to choose from, our jointly accredited qualifications will allow students to benefit from both institutions’ expertise and global recognition, thus enhancing their employability prospects and academic credentials.”

Today CMBS offers first-class education in leadership, management, organisational behaviour, coaching and mentoring, human resources, employment law, healthcare, marketing, finance, transport, culture and sports. It is an accredited centre bringing together world-renowned educational institutions and professional bodies having built working relationships with institutions such as DCU, ILM, City & Guilds, CIM, ACCA, TQUK and OTHM.

“We are proud and excited to be working together with CMBS in Malta offering opportunities to study for a degree in a subject that students are enthusiastic about, without the need to travel to the UK,” adds Dr. Hanna Yakavenka, Associate Dean of Internationalisation and Business Development at Coventry University London.

“Our academic partnership with CMBS falls in line with our strategy to make Coventry University degrees more accessible around the world and ensure that we are delivering career-ready, global, enterprising graduates through a real business and professional experience that is tailored to their talents and future career ambitions” she concluded.

The partnership is set to launch in the upcoming academic year, and applications for the joint programmes will open soon.

“In a job market that continues to become increasingly competitive, this partnership aligns perfectly with CMBS’s commitment to provide students with international exposure as we prepare them for success in the global job market.”

“This partnership will offer students an exceptional educational experience, combining the strengths and resources of both institutions. Our belief is that this collaboration will open doors to a wealth of new opportunities for our students,” concluded Mr Parnis.

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