Digital Economy think tank launched paving the way for a Digital Malta Strategy

Malta’s first Digital Economy think tank, consisting of a number of professionals from the digital industry to come up with ideas and guidelines on how Malta can diversify its economic portfolio through technological industries, has been launched.

During the launch that took place at Esplora Kalkara, the chairman of the Digital Economy think tank Kearon Bruno applauded and commended the effort undertaken by all Maltese and foreign workers, particularly in the gaming, financial services, Information and R&I sectors, and argued that the commitment of foreign workers in such industries is paving the way for further consolidating Malta’s economic growth.

He continued by stating that the main remit behind the launch of such Digital Economy think tank was to further diversify Malta’s economic portfolio, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By ensuring a well diverse economy, we will be guaranteeing a more resilient and sustainable economy while also mitigating asymmetric shocks,” Bruno outlined.

“Today’s globalised world brings about a number of challenges, especially those that have to do with our competitiveness and therefore it is in our interest to be proactive and ensure that we introduce an adequate environment where businesses can thrive and prosper and also to future proof our economy. This think tank will be vested with two main tasks, with the first one being that of consolidating and addressing the limitations being faced by currents sectors and the second being that of attracting new niche economic areas to relocate their operations in Malta. The launch of such a think tank goes to show government’s commitment towards being fully prepared for tomorrow’s future.”

In his keynote speech, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo said that the aim behind this think tank was to start conducting the necessary groundwork to come up with Malta’s Digital Economy strategy for the years to come.

He highlighted that in a world that is constantly changing, government is committed towards doing its utmost so that Malta’s economy remains buoyant. In doing so, Malta would be consolidating current growth while also seeking a future-proof economic strategy that will serve as the fundamental pillar that drives our economy forward.

“This think tank will be made up by a number of professionals and key stakeholders in the fields of blockchain, cryptos, AI, Blockchain, Quantum, High-Performance Computing and a number of other sectors that Malta plans to embark on as part of the new Digital Malta strategy. In adopting such a forward-looking strategy we will also be transforming Malta as a Centre of Excellence in the digital economy field,” Bartolo said.

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