€33 million investment onshore power supply project inaugurated at Grand Harbour

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Last Updated on Thursday, 11 July, 2024 at 10:08 am by Andre Camilleri

Shore-to-ship technology which allows cruise liners to directly connect with Malta’s power grid was launched and inaugurated at the Grand Harbour by Prime Minister Robert Abela on Wednesday. Up to five cruise liners will be able to make use of the technology simultaneously.

The project, totalling an investment of around €33 million, was co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

The project, which underwent a trial phase prior to its launch, was lauded by Abela as a project which will significantly contribute to a reduction in emissions and an improvement in air quality for local families. The government said that this project will result in an improvement in air quality for around 17,000 families in the area of the Grand Harbour.

The government said that this new technology will ultimately lead to a reduction of over 90% in emissions from cruise liners in the port of Valletta, as well as a reduction in 40% of CO2 from cruise liners. Additionally, it said that there will also be a reduction of over 90% in substances originating from cruise liners which dirty or harm the Grand Harbour.

Transport Minister Chris Bonett said that this is the first project of its kind in the Mediterranean Sea. He added that Malta needs to be a leader in this sector and that projects such as this are of significant importance to the maritime sector.

Bonett remarked that through this project, the decarbonisation of Malta’s maritime sector will begin. He added that the project is aimed at improving the quality of life for people living in the south of Malta.

Abela said that this occasion should be remembered as one of the most important in the country’s environmental process and that this project keeps moving forward in the direction of a more sustainable Malta.

The Prime Minister remarked that Malta is one of the global leaders in maritime sector and that this project is an example of the country going in the direction of major projects that contribute to Malta’s progress.

He said that the opportunities created by the country’s ports are big, but that the ports also bring their challenges. He continued that when facing these challenges, the choice is to either strengthen these projects or pull backwards and reduce the strength of the economy. “The choice was clear,” he commented. He added that there is a need to keep moving forward with the principles of ambition and optimism in mind.

The government said that there are also plans for the implementation of a similar project to be used by Birzebbuga’s Freeport.

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