Epic breaks the speed limit by launching the fastest, 2000Mbps, full Fibre Internet in Mosta, at unrivalled value

CEO of the Malta Communications Authority, Jesmond Bugeja; Hon. Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri; CEO of Epic in Malta, Tamas Banyai.

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A bold step towards Malta’s Gigabit Society.

Epic has started the roll-out of its Fibre Network of the Future, launching in Mosta. Local consumers and businesses will benefit from speeds up to 2000Mbps – a speed which has never been available for households in Malta up to now. Delivering on its “Great Network, Great Value” promise, Epic is proving to be a key enabler for Malta to move towards a Gigabit Society. Epic’s launch makes unparalleled, 2000 Mbps speeds available at unrivalled value.

The announcement was made during a press conference held this morning, in the presence of the Hon. Minister for the Economy and Industry, Mr. Silvio Schembri and the MCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jesmond Bugeja.

The importance of such an announcement can be drawn from the most recent MCA Key Market Indicators, published in April 2021. The report notes that close to half of broadband connections in Malta are still slower than 100 Mbps whilst the average broadband price in Malta has increased by 10% since 2016.

Epic wants to take a bold step to accelerate take-up of Gigabit speeds. The company will do so by offering 20 times faster speeds than a basic 100Mbps Fibre internet connection available in the market today. This is also double the top speed from other broadband providers. The new Epic 2000Mbps service is as affordable as the price of a basic connection on the market, starting from €24.99 per month. For business customers, Epic is launching a special package with double the upload speeds and Dedicated Business Support.

During press conference Epic highlighted how it embraces the need for ultra-fast speed. With the help of the Under 16 National Road Race Champion Sean Enriquez, a member of the Mosta Cycling Club, Epic showcased the power of 2000Mbps speed. With these speeds, consumers can download a staggering 5GB file, the equivalent of over a 5 hours of Netflix movie streaming, in under 60 seconds. A similar download on a previous generation technology would  take almost half an hour.

“Over the past year, Epic’s team has been on an exciting journey designing and creating a superior internet experience which opens doors to a truly Gigabit society, where high-speed broadband in homes and offices is not a privilege but a norm. Epic believes that strong connectivity which is accessible to everyone is fundamental for the country’s competitiveness and growth. Today is a milestone for Malta as Epic makes the Fibre of the Future available in Mosta. We continue to deliver on our ‘Great Network, Great Value’ promise. After recently kicking-off our Mobile Network Modernization programme, we are now launching Malta’s fastest home and office broadband at unrivalled value. Our full Epic Fibre technology brings the future into households and businesses in Mosta and our goal was to make it affordable to everyone”, said Epic’s CEO Tamas Banyai.

During the press conference, engineer Manuel Magro, Epic’s Fixed and Enterprise Networks Senior Manager, explained how broadband networks have evolved, and how the Epic Fibre Network of the Future significantly improves the customers experience when compared to existing broadband networks. The superior service allows you to upload and download files within seconds, to stream your favourite movie and watch it in high definition, without any interruptions. Whether teleworking over video or remote-learning, the new service enables multiple users, at home or in the office, to be connected at the same time so that everyone can do more unaffected by each other.

Epic also exhibited its outstanding Fibre Box which boasts of a Future WIFI experience, advanced multimedia features and is made up of 100% recycled plastic. He highlighted that the device also enables unlimited calls to all local fixed numbers and Epic mobiles.

In his speech Minister for Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri remarked how  through its chain of investment in Malta’s state-of-the-art digital infrastrucutre, Epic, together with their shareholders, Monaco telecom,  will be focusing on strengthening their workforce through the creation of new job opportunities, more student internships programmes, flexible working conditions and continuous growth and learning prospects for their 300+ workforce.  He commended the extension of Epic’s investments in our country, which will continue to strengthen Malta’s attractiveness and competitiveness as they provide higher speeds and more reliable connectivity.  Minister Schembri spoke about Mata’s digital transformation in the last seven years. He added that, “we are looking at the diversification of the Maltese economy into technologically advanced sectors. Priority will be given to the communciations sector as this supports the growth of other sectors”.  He pronounced that following the solidification of the country’s infrastructure, the next step is to strengthen Malta’s  human capital.

2000Mbps Epic Fibre is available to eligible customers as from today.

For more information, visit https://www.epic.com.mt

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