Watch: Final breakthrough in Pembroke – the Ta’ Qali underground tunnel

Last Updated on Friday, 1 October, 2021 at 10:19 am by Andre Camilleri

The Pembroke – Ta’ Qali underground tunnel, a Water Services Corporation (WSC) project, has reached its most important milestone yet with the completion of a third and last phase of work.

Spanning 9.5km, this tunnel connects the Reverse Osmosis plant in Pembroke with the Ta’ Qali reservoirs.

Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli, together with Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, visited the worksite between the Reverse Osmosis Plant in Pembroke and the Ta’ Qali reservoirs.

With an investment of €30 million, this project will lead to better quality water around Malta, as well as more efficient operations and increased sustainability.

Minister Miriam Dalli explained that this investment is part of a series of projects which the Water Services Corporation is carrying out in order to continue sustaining the Maltese economy and to provide the best quality water to residents.

“Today we are seeing the third and last phase of work. The Water Services Corporation has been investing considerably within the water sector, and thanks to the work carried out by the corporation, we are continuing to sustain the Maltese economy and ensure high quality service for the Maltese and the Gozitans”, said the minister.

The Reverse Osmosis Plant in Pembroke is the largest WSC plant, where currently works are being finalised to complete the connection between said plant and the reservoirs situated in Ta’ Qali. This connection will ensure more sustainability as the water will be treated and tested to consume less energy, increasing efficiency. The tunnel will be equipped with fibreglass and will direct water towards Ta’ Qali. Through this project, by means of a feeding hub, the WSC will deliver better quality water to the centre of Malta.

“With modern technology, which pollutes less, the water will be treated and tested all while increasing efficiency and also reducing waste. Eventually, this will lead to less electricity consumption and will save hundreds of tonnes of CO2”, continued Minister Dalli.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi explained that Malta lacks water resources and therefore it is crucial to maintain them. The main principal is that through this project the Maltese citizens are being provided with high quality water, while its provision is having less of an impact on the environment.

The parliamentary secretary explained that this project is co-financed from the European Union.

“Today we are celebrating another important milestone – the completion of the tunnel between Pembroke and Ta’ Qali. The work starts now in order to ensure that this project proves beneficial for the corporation and its clients. This will be done by guaranteeing better quality water on the Maltese islands whilst ensuring efficiency and sustainability”, stated WSC Chief Executive Ivan Falzon.

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