Individuals and organisations awarded for their contribution to STEM engagement

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An awards ceremony was held at Esplora, whereby a number of individuals and organisations were given an award for their contribution to promoting STEM education in the Maltese islands in 2023. Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti was present for the awards ceremony.

During his speech, the Parliamentary Secretary spoke about the importance of STEM education within our communities and commended the individuals and organisations that were given an award and stated that they should serve as role models for others to continue spreading this education in society.

“Without a doubt, our world today is already driven by technology. Thus, as a government, we are working to bring more science and technology into people’s homes, so that they can also enjoy the benefits that research and innovation bring. Those who were awarded today are facilitating this work that will continue to lead us to a more technological, innovative future, and with a better quality of life,” concluded Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti.

Rector of the University of Malta Prof. Alfred J Vella stated, “We need to encourage our young people, especially girls, to engage seriously with science not only because our domestic, work, and leisure environments are increasingly and strongly influenced by science and technology, but also because science allows humanity to break away from the boundaries imposed by nature so that tomorrow’s achievements are almost always beyond the imagination of today.”

Esplora’s Senior Director Olaf McKay said, “During this ceremony,​ we are honouring the effort of many players who have contributed in no small way to the furtherance of STEM. Our commitment at Esplora remains that of raising awareness about the beauty of STEM subjects.” He added that the importance of STEM subjects is crucial for the growth of skilled individuals who will eventually join the workforce and contribute towards strengthening Malta’s human capital.

The winners of the National STEM Awards 2023

STEM Award 1 – Primary Class Teacher – Ms. Elaine Gauci

STEM Award 2 – Secondary School Teacher – Ms. Marissa Banavage

STEM Award 3 – Non-Formal STEM Educator – Ms. Danielle Martine Farrugia

STEM Award 4 – STEM Community Project – GLOBE Malta

STEM Award 5 – STEAM Project – IEEE Region 8 Robot Championship Malta 2022

STEM Award 6 – Engaged Researcher – Dr. Ing. Bonnie Attard

STEM Award 7 – Lifetime Contribution – Prof. Pauline Galea

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