Launch of the Central Bank of Malta Corporate Strategic Plan

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March, 2022 at 9:50 am by Andre Camilleri

The Central Bank of Malta (Bank) launched the update of its Corporate Strategic Plan during a virtual event for all staff members on 14 March 2022. During this event staff members were addressed by the Governor Edward Scicluna, Deputy Governors Alexander Demarco and Oliver Bonello, and the Chief Operating Officer Daniele Romano.

The Bank confirmed its strategic objectives and key performance indicators, identified and prioritised its project portfolio, and ensured a direct relationship between the Bank’s strategic objectives and the contribution required by each staff member.

The Plan will continue to focus on the digital transformation strategy of the Bank and stresses the importance of inclusiveness and equality. Great emphasis will continue to be given to reduction of the ecological impact of the Bank.

The Corporate Strategic Plan, which was confirmed through a comprehensive process with the participation of all levels of management, groups the Bank’s strategic objectives into eight building blocks:

  1. Ensure active contribution to the European System of Central Banks, support its primary objective of price stability, while participating in its fora and activities.
  2. Foster financial stability by strengthening the resilience of the domestic financial sector.
  3. Ensure a smooth functioning payment system and a secure provision of cash.
  4. Continue to be a reference for economic and financial analysis, research and statistics in Malta.
  5. Optimise return on financial assets under our management.
  6. Enhance risk mitigation and security measures, especially to fully safeguard the systems’ integrity.
  7. Maintain strong internal governance, in full compliance with the law.
  8. Enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness, while actively promoting environmental awareness, corporate social responsibility, inclusiveness, and diversity.

The Bank’s staff had the opportunity to discuss the Plan with the Governor, Deputy Governors, and the management.

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