Malta adopts Smart Specialization Strategy for the period leading to 2027

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 January, 2022 at 9:51 am by Andre Camilleri

In order to upgrade and modernize Malta’s national Research and Innovation (R&I) framework, the Maltese government is adopting a new Smart Specialization Strategy.

The strategy will also facilitate access to EU funding for R&I in selected economic sectors.

In his address during the launch of the new strategy, Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation Owen Bonnici said that the strategy will ensure access to the required R&I funding support to strengthen research in the six thematic areas identified and guarantee the continuity of the necessary investments throughout the lifecycle of the strategy.

Minister Bonnici said that the government is committed to mobilizing the required efforts at all levels for the strategy to be implemented effectively, and emphasised that a strong Governance is particularly crucial for the strategy’s success and implementation.

The Smart Specialization Strategy has identified 6 smart specialization areas with potential for further R&I activities for the period 2021-2027. These are: Health and Wellbeing; Sustainable Use of Resources for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Smart Manufacturing; Marine and Maritime Technology; Aviation and Aerospace and; Future Digital Technologies

“The Smart Specialization Strategy is in line with the government’s post-pandemic vision which made explicit reference to the need to channel government resources, policy, and industry collaboration to drive innovation for the continuous strengthening of the country’s economic drive,” a government statement read.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy is being championed by the Ministry for Equality, Research and Innovation with the technical support of the Malta Council for Science and Technology. 

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