Malta Bankers’ Association holding outreach meetings with various stakeholders

One of the meetings which the MBA held with the Malta Chamber of SMEs

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 November, 2022 at 12:14 pm by Andre Camilleri

Over the past months, the Malta Bankers’ Association has been reaching to various stakeholders, with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of current issues these face with local banks. At these meetings, the MBA is represented by its Chair Marcel Cassar, Deputy Chairman Henry Schmeltzer and Secretary General Karol Gabarretta.

Meetings have so far been held with the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP); Consumers Association – Malta; National Association of Pensioners; Malta Chamber; Malta Chamber of SMEs; Malta Competition & Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA); National Council of Women; Association for Consumer Rights and the Registrar of Companies at the Malta Business Registry.

These meetings are held in a very cordial setting and provide an opportunity to the participants to engage in fruitful exchange of views and opinions. Each stakeholder was represented at the highest level by the respective Chair/President as well as CEO, Director and other senior officers. The entities appreciated the opportunity of airing, in a frank and open manner, various matters of concern that many times resonate the feedback received from their members and the public in general.

MBA Chairman Marcel Cassar commented: “These meetings help the MBA and its member banks understand better the issues faced by the different cohorts of society, from pensioners to the professions to the business community, and the consumer at large, when making use of banking products and services. Although we cannot force decisions or solutions on our members, we are certainly using this outreach programme to receive, and pass on, messages to the banks and are pleased to be making this a regular dialogue with the various stakeholders”.

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