Malta based recruiter sets sights on France

The Mosta-based RecruitGiant will be opening a new business office in France

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 October, 2021 at 3:04 pm by Andre Camilleri

RecruitGiant, a Malta based specialist recruitment agency of non-EU nationals is set to open a new office in France. Employing up to 15 people, this new office will work with French companies struggling to fill vacancies across multiple sectors including: hospitality, transport and logistics, construction and engineering and health care. This latest development marks the next step in RecruitGiant’s rapid expansion in recent months.

Tomas Mikalauskas, CEO at RecruitGiant, said, “Across Europe, everyone is talking about labour shortages. At the same time, RecruitGiant has been taking action. We’ve been working hard with authorities in Malta and across Europe to facilitate recruitment while also investing in our capabilities to identify, interview, train and then relocate candidates. As part of this process, we have established a presence in several French speaking countries which now puts us in a position to expand our client base into France.”

RecruitGiant operates a network of offices and training centres in numerous countries across Africa and South-East Asia. Through this network, the company conducts interviews with candidates on behalf of employers and provides training to ensure prospective employees have the skills needed for the particular vacancies. RecruitGiant also manages the relocation process and ensures that employment contracts and residency requirements are all in order prior to travel.

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