MAPFRE reinforces management teams in its principal markets

Felipe Navarro López de Chicheri

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 September, 2020 at 1:07 pm by Andre Camilleri

MAPFRE has approved a broad renewal of its management teams in order to advance its strategic objectives and strengthen its capacities in the main regions where it currently operates. The preliminary objective is to strengthen the Group’s ability to respond effectively to both economic and social challenges within a complex global context.

Antonio Huertas, Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, affirmed that “the renewal of the management team allows us to capitalize on the extraordinary internal talent we have at our disposal within the company. All the appointed executives bring great experience and deep knowledge of our Group with them to their new positions. I am convinced that they will give a renewed boost to our operations that will benefit our clients and allow us to advance with our company’s profitable growth plans.”

The mission of the newly appointed CEOs is to accelerate the profitable scenario, which was envisaged in MAPFRE’s Strategic Plan. Furthermore, MAPFRE has reinforced its corporate areas due to the several executives assuming their new roles within the Group, whom have garnered an extensive level of business experience during their work with the Group.

Internationally, all appointments will come into effect on January 1, with the exception of the renewal at MAPFRE Middlesea in Malta, which is set to take place on April 1, 2021. The current President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea, Felipe Navarro López de Chicheri, who has been at the helm of the company since October 2015 will assume the role of Assistant General Manager for Administration in MAPFRE Spain substituting Carlos Barahona, who will be retiring after a long professional career in MAPFRE.

Felipe Navarro López de Chicheri’s position of CEO at MAPFRE Middlesea will henceforth be succeeded by Javier Moreno González, who has been with MAPFRE since 2000, holding  various roles within the areas of Claims, Risks , Health and  Life Business Development in the Corporate Business and Clients Area, a position that he currently holds.

The aforementioned appointments and changes within MAPFRE’s corporate business areas will mainly be prevalent within the LATAM, Iberia, and Eurasia regions, three principal markets in which the Group operates.

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