MEA insists on implementation of ‘The Right to Disconnect’ only after the EU process is finalised

Last Updated on Monday, 15 February, 2021 at 5:49 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Employers’ Association voiced its strong disagreement with the implementation of the right to disconnect in Malta before the directive is transposed by the EU. The Association said that currently there are sensitive discussions taking place between the social partners at EU level and it would be completely premature to introduce local legislation before the directive is issued. There are still many aspects of this concept which are nebulous and it would be irresponsible to act before a common denominator for all EU countries is established. The MEA said that employers’ and workers’ organisations are actively engaged in negotiations through their affiliations in EU social dialogue institutions, so there is no rational reason to rush things locally.

The Association added that thus far, there have been no local studies that determine the nature or even the extent of the issue. It should be obvious that these matters cannot be approached impulsively, as the result can be detrimental to the smooth operation of both private and public sector organisations. Such a directive cannot be applicable across the board for all employees, but depends on the level of responsibility, the nature of the work, and what is considered the normal time of work in that particular field. In addition, Malta should never be used as a guinea pig so that other countries may learn and benefit from our mistakes, and half-baked measures can have negative implications on both employers and employees.

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