MEP Cutajar’s “internet access as a fundamental right” adopted by the Socialists

Last Updated on Friday, 10 February, 2023 at 3:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

Earlier today the Socialists and Democrats launched an official position paper defining their digital policy, taking inventory of this legislature’s successes and setting priorities before the upcoming elections.

The document entitled “Our Inclusive Digital Europe” stresses the need for internet access to be recognized as a fundamental right, an initiative MEP Josianne Cutajar has been pushing forward for several months.

In 2021, MEP Cutajar prompted the European Commission to state what initiatives are planned in this regard. Furthermore, in 2022, the MEP, along with several other MEPs, signed a letter calling for a European Charter for Digital Rights. This letter also mentioned internet access as a fundamental right, at Cutajar’s request.

Commenting on the inclusion of internet access as a fundamental right in the S&D’s official policy document, MEP Cutajar stated that “whereas in the past, the internet was considered a luxury, today it is a necessity”.

This represents an important step forward for MEP Cutajar’s work in the European Parliament, including in the Special Committee following the COVID-19 pandemic, where she is also constantly advocating for the equal and guaranteed access to the internet. “The internet helped the most vulnerable, our elderly, and our children remain connected and in touch with each other during the times of crisis, it helped them access e-health and education”, MEP Cutajar emphasized.

“Accordingly, it is paramount that we continue to push for stronger digital rights, including elevating access to the internet as a fundamental right, together with adequate investments in digitalization and in digital skills”, the MEP observed. “It is high time we took concrete steps towards an inclusive digital path for all” Dr Josianne Cutajar concluded.

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