MITA student placement to host 380 students in 2019

(source: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle G1)

Last Updated on Friday, 12 July, 2019 at 10:14 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Some 380 students will participate in the Malta Information Technology Agency’s (MITA) Student Placement Programme supported with €800,000 by the Maltese government, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri said, according to a press statement issued by the government’s Department of Information (DOI). The minister also met some of the students when announcing the programme.

“This year the government has once again increased the allocated budget by 30% to the tune of €800,000 for the Student Placement Programme,” said Mr Schembri. “This is proof of the government’s commitment to give an opportunity to our youths to have hands-on working experience in the industry of the future. This preparedness can only be achieved however if we are able to build on the academic prowess of our youth and provide them with opportunities such as these,” the minister said.

“The number of companies requiring employees having knowledge of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and virtual reality is always on the increase,” Mr Schembri added. “This is an opportunity for you all and focusing your studies in these areas will surely contribute for you to have a successful career.”   

In addition, MITA’s Head of Strategy and Business Emmanuel Darmanin underlined that MITA, together with employer partners, has been able in the last five years to offer over 1,600 placements in all sectors which have provided exposure to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and ICT using industry, as the press release says. 

“In line with the various initiatives related to emerging technologies, this year’s event has been created with a direct focus on some of these technologies. I encourage to also make use of MITA’s New Emerging Technologies Lab, experience the practical use of these technologies, and above all make the most out of your Student Placement Programme,” said Mr Darmanin. 

Moreover, the students took part in workshops related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain amongst others through which the winners were awarded Delta Tech Week. 

During the event, it was also announced that the government official blockchain event Delta Summit will be transformed into the Government Tech Week between 30 of September and 6 of October 2019 and will cover different areas such as AI, IoT, blockchain, eSports, game development and space research.

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