Obtain an International Management 3.0 Certificate with JCI Malta

The Management 3.0 Workshop is an accredited online course for anyone in a leadership role

Last Updated on Friday, 24 July, 2020 at 9:42 am by Andre Camilleri

JCI Malta has partnered with German trainer Ivo Haase who will deliver the internationally-recognised Management 3.0 workshop. The course will be held online over four evenings from 5 to 7pm on 31 July, 7, 20 and 24 August and is intended for anyone who wants to hone their management and leadership skills to be relevant to today’s working environment.

Management 3.0 is an updated look at management and leadership proficiency, updated to include remote working strategies. In management the learning never stops and this course takes into account different management and leadership styles, such as increasing motivation and engagement, how to work in and manage remote teams, and the secret to giving successful feedback.

Management 3.0 is the future of management, which is all about doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving the system, and fostering employee engagement. It’s not another framework, it’s a mindset, combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker manage the organisation, with focus on energizing people, empowering teams, aligning constraints, developing competence, growing structure and improving everything.

Anyone has the opportunity to influence change and to participate in leadership. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get introduced to popular Management 3.0 practices in a remote-friendly way, through easy to enjoy online exercises.

The course will have between 6 and 12 participants and all attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance of the Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop.

More information about Management 3.0 can be found on the website https://management30.com/.

To register for this course, visit the JCI Malta website https://www.jci.org.mt/shop/events/management-3-0-online-workshop. JCI Malta members benefit from a reduced price on the fee.

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