Pink October Campaign raises €210,000

(source: Unsplash/Sarah Cervantes)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 10:57 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Marigold Foundation raised a record of €210,000 during the Pink October Campaign 2018, according to a press conference held on Thursday at Mater Dei Hospital.

The main aim of the campaign was to educate the masses and raise awareness related to regular checkups and screening to help prevent breast cancer from becoming severe for patients.

Michelle Muscat, Chairperson of Marigold Foundation, tagged the Pink October Campaign 2018 as a success. In her opinion, additionally to the money raised, awareness was also spread thanks to their advocacy.

Mrs Muscat said during the press conference that out of what they had been able to raise during the campaig, €100,000 will be used to provide a complementary therapy program for current and newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, managed by Mater Dei Hospital’s breast cancer specialists. The rest €110,000 will be distributed among NGOs including Breast Care Europa Donna, Karl Vella Foundation, Hospice Malta, Puttinu Cares, Action for Breast Cancer and a sum is donated to RIDT to be used for research purposes, according to a press statement issued by the department or government services and information.

Medical professionals advise women to be vigilant about breast cancer detection. Should any changes be discovered, such as a new lump or skin changes, doctors must be consulted immediately. At the same time, doctors should be consulted to find out how regularly mammograms and other screenings should be carried out, based on the history of individuals.

“Be fearless in the fight against cancer” reads the Pink October Campaign 2018 message on their website. “Our aim is to bring awareness about breast cancer to women in Malta. One in eight women will face the fight against cancer during her lifetime. However, early detection can help save lives. Detecting cancer at an early stage requires education and support,” the website adds.

If you want to become an advocate or are planning to donate for their cause, please visit their website.

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