Project Green submits designs to PA to ‘transform the heart of San Gwann’

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The government is planning the green transformation of the centre of San Gwann, with gardens and recreational areas replacing a busy arterial road. The project, according to a statement issued by the Environment Ministry, “will breathe new life into the daily lives of some 6,000 families in this locality.”

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Project Green CEO Steve Ellul announced details of this project on Wednesday, as the plans for the project were submitted to the Planning Authority for its consideration. In the presence of San Gwann Mayor Trevor Fenech, Project Green presented the proposed project plans following months of community engagement, with consultation activities involving children, residents, elderly persons, the San Gwann Local Council, local organisations and the area’s businesses, amongst other stakeholders, the government said.

Through this green transformation, Project Green said that it is proposing to shift part of Ir-Rihan Avenue, the locality’s main road, and an adjacent car cark underground, to create a 7,200-square-metre green open space for the community. 

This new park will include an aquatic garden, a playground, an amphitheatre, a community gardening area and other recreational zones, surrounded by more than 350 new trees which are to be added to the area, it said.

Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli said that through this project the Government is empowering San Gwann families to embrace the ecological transition. “We are redefining our urban landscapes, creating a greener, more accessible, and recreational environment for current and future generations. We want a better, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles for our families, reintroducing nature in our urban landscape, with new green infrastructure that stimulates sustainable mobility and stronger communities”.

This new park in front of the parish church, the school and other important community areas, will become the largest green space in San Gwann’s urban area, Miriam Dalli added.

The project will also improve the locality’s accessibility and sustainable mobility, removing the physical barrier imposed by this busy arterial road and introducing car-free pedestrian areas and cycle lanes. The new underground parking will double the current street-level parking area, to ensure increased accessibility.

Steve Ellul, CEO of Project Green, expressed his enthusiasm for this transformative project, saying, that “this open space will be a green lung less than a 10-minute walk from the homes of some 13,000 residents. That’s 90% of the people living in San Ġwann. We are working to provide a recreational space that is easily accessible, eliminating the need to use a car to reach an open space”.

Project Green aims to create a vibrant green space that enriches the lives of the community, setting a shining example of sustainable urban development, which will be followed in other localities across the country, Ellul said.

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