PwC Malta acquires Megabyte Limited

Last Updated on Thursday, 9 February, 2023 at 5:27 pm by Andre Camilleri

PwC Malta announced that it has acquired 100% of share capital of Megabyte Limited (Megabyte). Megabyte was founded in 1977 and is one of the pioneers in the local IT industry offering Engineering Support and Software Services for its clientele. It has been on the forefront of digital innovation, providing technology solutions and bespoke IT services designed to grow businesses.

Megabyte’s client base includes some of Malta’s well-established companies, large and small, from across various sectors including financial services, manufacturing, infrastructure as well as public sector entities. Being a gold partner of HP, Megabyte’s Engineering Support Services is focused on the procurement, installation and maintenance of HP equipment. The Software Services division is centred around Megabyte’s partnership with Oracle, with the company being an accredited partner in the local market offering the suite of Oracle products.

“Such an acquisition is a unique opportunity for PwC Malta,” David Valenzia, the firm’s Territory Senior Partner stated. “Our PwC Technology team is now in excess of 60 people as our capacity to deliver IT business solutions to our clients continues to evolve. We will be increasing our local community of solvers by integrating a strong managerial team along with a large number of experienced software developers, consultants, engineers and technicians, who will be helping us build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.”

Michel Ganado, Consulting Partner at PwC Malta, observed that “this transaction will strengthen our brand position and expand our footprint in the local technology sector by enhancing our service offering thereby allowing us to deliver comprehensive and innovative business solutions to our clients.”

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