Schools which are fully prepared to open, should do so

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September, 2020 at 1:13 pm by Andre Camilleri

Last minute decision will have further adverse effects on students, working parents and their employers alike.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry welcomes the recent development in relation to the reopening of schools for the scholastic year 2020/21, as it appears that a national consensus in favour of schools opening in October has been reached. The Malta Chamber has worked tirelessly over the past months towards this goal as it has consistently argued that, while being mindful of the realities of the pandemic and while accounting for all public health protocols through discipline, our children and their educational interests are best served in the classroom.

The Malta Chamber is however duty-bound to express its extreme dismay at the fact that a decision for a delayed, staggered opening has been communicated at the eleventh hour. While a staggered approach may be a valuable solution to the logistical challenges being faced by our schools, the last-minute decision will certainly have further adverse effects on students, working parents as well as their employers.

Schools which are in a position to open should do so. There is no logical reason for schools which are ready to open, to remain closed and deprive students of a week of face-to-face education at this juncture.

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