Seasonally-adjusted industrial turnover grows 0.8% in Q2

(source: Unsplash/Chester Alvarez)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 August, 2019 at 3:36 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Seasonally-adjusted turnover increased by 0.8% in the second quarter of 2019 over the previous quarter. When compared to the corresponding period of 2018, working-day adjusted industrial turnover increased by 2%, according to the latest figures published by the National Statistics Office (NSO). 

Increases were recorded in the energy (4.7%), capital goods (3.7%) and consumer goods (0.25) sectors, as compared to the preceding quarter. However, a drop of 0.4% was recorded in the sector of intermediate goods.  

Seasonally-adjusted industrial employment decreased by 0.5%, working hours saw a drop of 0.3% and seasonally-adjusted industrial gross wages and salaries decreased by 0.9%. 

Nevertheless, working-day adjusted industrial turnover grew by 2% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018. 

Increases were recorded in the energy (8.5%), intermediate goods (2.6%) and capital goods (1.2%) sectors when compared to the same period a year earlier. However, a decrease of 1% was recorded in the consumer goods sector. 

In addition, the year-on-year unadjusted industrial employment reported a drop of 1.2% and working-day adjusted industrial working hours decreased by 2.2%. Working-day adjusted industrial gross wages and salaries saw a growth of 1.3%.

The complete report with charts and figures is available for download at the website of NSO.   

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