Smart Cloud doubles capacity for growing demand

From left: Joe Aquilina, CEO of Smart Technologies together with Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at Melita Limited

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 August, 2022 at 1:29 pm by Andre Camilleri

Smart Cloud, the managed Cloud service launched by Melita Business and Smart Technologies (STL) just over a year ago has already doubled its data storage capacity and computing power as demand from clients continues to grow.

Smart Cloud was established in June 2021 to leverage the expertise of Smart Technologies in cloud infrastructure and managed services, and the reliability, connectivity, and security provided by Melita Business at its state-of-the-art Melita Data Centre in Madliena.

Services offered by Smart Cloud include cloud hosting, back up, and disaster recovery.  These services are provided on a cloud ‘closer to home’ meaning that customers are able to comply with Maltese and EU regulatory requirements whilst benefitting from direct access to personal support and the ability to view the hardware in use. Through its virtual Linux and Windows servers, Smart Cloud also offers businesses the flexibility of increasing space, computing power, and memory as needed.

Joe Aquilina, CEO of Smart Technologies, added, “it is exciting to see our market predictions be exceeded, signalling the demand for local cloud services. Based on the past 12 months’ performance, we expect Smart Cloud services to grow ever faster.”

Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at Melita Limited, said, “Smart Cloud has attracted a diverse mix of clients from the hospitality, education, retail, gaming, insurance and professional services sectors, all of whom understand the benefits that a Malta-based cloud services provider offers. The complementary partnership between Melita and Smart Technologies has worked extremely well and we expect Smart Cloud to continue evolving and growing in the months ahead.”

More information on Smart Cloud is available at

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