Strengthening efforts to safeguard employment conditions in the workplace

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 September, 2020 at 9:18 am by Andre Camilleri

A call for Compliance Officers with the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations

The Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister, through the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations, has issued a call to recruit new Compliance Officers. Through this call the Department aims to strengthen enforcement so as to ensure that employment conditions and the rights of workers are more and more safeguarded.

Minister Carmelo Abela said that he believes that the mutual respect between employees and employers is what leads the government to trust that the economy will recover and will reach its pre-pandemic state. He said that government, through its electoral manifesto, had promised to strengthen its efforts to fight precarity because it believes that workers deserve adequate employment conditions. He said that this call for recruitement aims at strengthening the human resources within the Department and forms part of a series of initiatives which the Department will be enacting to this effect.

Minister Abela thanked the current team of compliance officers and encouraged more young people to pursue this line of career in the field of workplace investigations. He explained that part of the work of compliance officers includes amongst others to:

  • Perform duties in connection with the opening of investigative cases as received or instructed;
  • Perform investigations and other enforcement-related duties related to EIRA legislation including but not limited to workplace inspections;
  • Meet with workers as well as employers to assist them, advise and act as mediators on issues related to EIRA law.

He recalled how over the past year the Department of Industrial Relations and Employment has investigated over a thousand cases of alleged breaches of working conditions or violations of workers’ rights. He also reminded that the helpline for workers is 1575 and for employers is 1576, and that these are still available. All those who wish to ask a question related to working conditions are encouraged to do so.

Those interested in applying may access information about the call on and apply through the same website. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 22nd September, at 13:30.

“The government’s vision focuses on the present and the future. Not only to guarantee a sustainable economy, but also to ensure that there are sustainable conditions in the labour market for both present and future generations”, Minister Carmelo Abela concluded.

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