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Malta’s FDI flows rebound, yet remain outpaced by ODI flows in...

Malta's FDI flows rebound in 2018, after dropping since 2014. Although ODI flows outpace that of FDI, the FDI stock still stays well above the ODI stock in 2018.

Malta’s international investment grows to €8.1bn by end-2018

The Maltese economy recorded a net international investment position (IIP) of €8.1bn at the end of 2018, up by €0.8bn as compared...

Malta’s inward FDI grows to €176.5bn in June 2018

The foreign direct investment (FDI) stock position of Malta grows by €8.6bn to €176.5bn at the end of June 2018, figures published by the NSO show.

Malta’s FDI attractiveness drops to 74%, says EY

Notwithstanding the figure is on a decrease, 74% of foreign direct investors still believe Malta is worthy for FDI, EY's attractiveness survey finds.

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