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Malta invests €64m in road infrastructure so far this year

Malta has spent €64m on improving road infrastructure so far this year, expecting to reach a total of €123m invested by the end of 2019. The present year marks the beginning of a planned €700m allocated for the development of Malta’s road infrastructure.

National Archives receives land for new building

Maltese public land was transferred yesterday in Ta’ Qali to allow the National Archives to launch construction for the preservation of the important documents in their care.

Mqabba regeneration’s first phase winds up

The first phase of the Mqabba regeneration project has come to a completion, according to a press statement by the government’s Department of Information (DOI).

GO to invest €100m in Malta’s digital infrastructure

Malta-based telco GO launches an investment programme of €100m aimed at improving the island country’s digital infrastructure. GO promises to stay “committed” to Malta’s technology vision.

Marsa Junction Project enters phase three

Phase three of the €71m investment starts by laying the foundations for flyovers in the heavily-congested junction connecting the two ends of the island.

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