GO to invest €100m in Malta’s digital infrastructure

Prime Minister Joseph Musca and GO CEO Nikhil Patil when announcing the investment. (source: GO media)

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 May, 2019 at 3:19 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Malta-based telco GO launched an investment programme of €100m aimed at improving the island country’s digital infrastructure, according to a press statement by the company. GO promised to stay “committed” to Malta’s technology vision.

“At GO, we believe that the only way to future proof Malta and to be able to handle the phenomenal growth in data, is to invest in a state-of-the-art, fibre-to-the-home network. Simply put, a fibre network delivers data to you at the speed of light. There is nothing faster in science today. GO is the only company in Malta that delivers a true fibre network right up to your living room,” said Nikhil Patil, CEO of GO Plc, when announcing the investment.

Currently more than 85,000 homes in Malta are equipped with true-fibre technology. “We are working around the clock to expedite the rollout of true fibre so that every house and business can benefit from the best technology on the market. We expect at least 100,000 homes, the equivalent of approximately 50% of Malta and Gozo, to be covered by the end of 2019, with full nationwide coverage by 2024,” the CEO added.

“Communications services are the backbone of today’s thriving economy. They underpin every sector, every industry,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said when the investment was announced. “Our vision can only be attained if all stakeholders pull the same rope and harness every opportunity to push Malta forward. GO has a long-standing history in its contribution to Malta’s economy. Not only has GO taken these opportunities, but it is now creating opportunities for further growth,” the prime minister added

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