180 retailers join Circular Economy Malta’s reusable containers drive

INWETTQU FLIMKIEN: Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli launches the Bring Your Own Container Initiative

Last Updated on Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 at 7:55 pm by Andre Camilleri

Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli and Circular Economy Malta (CE Malta) have launched the Bring-Your-Own-Container (BYOC) initiative, encouraging consumers to choose refillable containers when purchasing a wide range of products, ranging from drinks and foodstuffs to detergents and cosmetics.

Following an initial outreach in recent weeks by CE Malta, more than 180 retailers have already signed up for this initiative, committing to offer discounts, exclusive offers, free products and other incentives when customers use reusable containers for their purchases, government said. Circular Economy Malta will also be randomly selecting registered establishments to visit them and present gifts to customers who use refillable containers for their purchases.

The initiative was launched during a visit to some participating retailers, together with CE Malta CEO Jason Vella.

INWETTQU FLIMKIEN: Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli launches the Bring Your Own Container Initiative

Minister Dalli explained that this initiative is another important step forward in implementing Malta’s Circular Economy Vision. “We are encouraging people to actively seek those businesses that offer sustainable, waste-free options, such as bring-your-own-container and other similar incentives. Reducing single-use waste is an opportunity for businesses to reduce costs and increase the environmental sustainability of their operations, contributing to their ESG efforts.”

“The BYOC initiative will build on other important Government initiatives, such as mandatory waste separation, the introduction of re-use centres and the banning of certain single-use plastics, to continue reducing waste and its impact on our environment. We are stimulating our communities to adopt a more sustainable way of life, where waste becomes a rewarding resource in an effective circular economy,” Miriam Dalli said.    

The businesses participating in the BYOC initiative include cafeterias, take-away restaurants, minimarkets and grocery shops, pet shops, detergent shops, and many others. Circular Economy Malta is giving participating establishments a BYOC recognition mark to display in their establishments, signalling their commitment to reduce single-use waste and encourage customers to bring their own containers. Participating businesses are also listed in an online BYOC map on the Circular Economy Malta website, showing the location of participating outlets across Malta and Gozo. Businesses will also uphold hygiene practices.  

Circular Economy Malta Chief Executive Officer Jason Vella noted that a 2023 National Statistics Office survey showed that more than 62% of people in Malta are actively avoiding plastic packaging, opting instead for reusable bags and containers when shopping. “The BYOC initiative is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship. By working together, we can create a cleaner and more circular future for Malta,” Mr Vella stated.

Businesses interested in joining the BYOC initiative can register online on www.cemalta.gov.mt. Consumers may look up their nearest participating outlets on the online map at www.cemalta.gov.mt/bring-your-own-container-map. For more information, follow the Sostenibilità and Circular Economy Malta socials.

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