Celebrating 55 years of excellence: Preluna Hotel’s enduring legacy

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 April, 2024 at 10:49 am by Andre Camilleri

In 1969, amidst great challenges, Joseph PREca Senior and Frank ScicLUNA embarked on a remarkable journey, opening the doors of Preluna Hotel along the prestigious Sliema seafront. With foresight and determination, they crafted a haven boasting three restaurants, two nightclubs, a coffee shop, and a beach club – a vision of luxury and comfort unparalleled at the time.

In an era where Maltese tourism was in its infancy, the venture was a bold financial leap. Yet, through the unwavering dedication of the second generation, Preluna quickly emerged as a beacon of success and an integral part of the island’s identity. Its towering presence symbolized not only architectural grandeur but also a commitment to impeccable service and outstanding amenities.

Over five decades, as tourism evolved, so did Preluna. At the heart of Preluna Hotel’s enduring success stands the visionary leadership of Joseph Preca, who helmed the property from its inception in 1969 until his retirement.  Today, as we proudly commemorate our 55th anniversary, the third generation of the Preca family, Andrea and Amanda, stands poised to uphold and elevate our legacy. With gratitude to our loyal returning guests and first-time visitors, we pledge to continually enhance our offerings for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

This milestone serves as a poignant reminder of our journey and the countless individuals who contributed to our success. We extend heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated staff members and management, whose tireless efforts have shaped Preluna’s identity.

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to our suppliers whose unwavering support has enabled us to provide top-quality products and services, enriching the experiences of our esteemed guests.

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the past 55 years, our anticipation for the future grows with the forthcoming introduction of further rooms and suites, boasting breathtaking views, in early 2025. We are committed to continuing our tradition of excellence, delivering unforgettable experiences to guests from around the world. With gratitude for the past and excitement for what lies ahead, we embark on the next chapter of Preluna Hotel’s storied legacy, dedicated to exceeding expectations and creating cherished memories for generations to come.

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