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CBM names new communications coordinator

Vanessa Macdonald has been appointed the Communications Coordinator of the Central Bank of Malta (CBM) and will shortly be joining the central...

Cathay appoints Logix as Maltese representative

Cathay Communication appoints Logix Creative Ltd as its exclusive national representative in Malta, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

GO to invest €100m in Malta’s digital infrastructure

Malta-based telco GO launches an investment programme of €100m aimed at improving the island country’s digital infrastructure. GO promises to stay “committed” to Malta’s technology vision.

EU comm charges to receive cap, BEREC posts guidelines

Communication charges in the European Union will receive a cap as of 15 May, which essentially means roaming charges will disappear, the...

Telco subscriber numbers grow in H1 2018

Maltese telco users move towards mobile phones as landlines and television consumption declines in H1 2018.

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