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Women in official positions in Malta lag behind EU28 average

The number of women holding official positions rises; still, Maltese figures lag behind the EU28 average. Men in managerial positions in 2017 also outnumber women.

Telco subscriber numbers grow in H1 2018

Maltese telco users move towards mobile phones as landlines and television consumption declines in H1 2018.

Collective accommodation guests in Malta exceed two million in 2018

Total guests in collective accommodation establishments grows by year-on-year 8.4% to almost two million in 2018, Malta's statistics office NSO says.

Malta’s retail price inflation reaches 1.49% in January

Malta’s annual rate of inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) was 1.49% in January 2019. The twelve-month moving average rate was 1.21%.

Malta’s solid waste generation ups 41.9% in 2017

Solid waste generated in Malta in 2017 exceeds 2.8 million tonnes, an increase of 41.9% as compared to the preceding year, NSO statistics show.

Malta’s outbound tourist trips grow in 2018

Outbound tourist trips from Malta increases by year-on-year 16.5% to 667,048 in total in 2018, NSO statistics show. Estimated outlay also ups 9% to €563.2m

Malta’s trade deficit drops to €117m in December

Malta registers a trade deficit of €117.0m in December 2018, down by year-on-year €2.9m from €119.9m, preliminary figures published by the NSO show.

Non-fatal work accidents slightly rise in H2 2018

Claims for non-fatal work accidents rise year-on-year 0.6%, totalling 10 in number, during the second half of 2018, the National Statistical Office reports.

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