The Malta Chamber and Maypole Group sign Silver Collaboration Agreement

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 November, 2023 at 11:03 am by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry have signed a Silver Collaboration Agreement with Maypole Group to collaborate together on initiatives that will benefit Malta’s business community.

Chris Vassallo Cesareo, The Malta Chamber President, ahead of the signing said that “The Malta Chamber is constantly enhancing its ability to formulate policies and refine its stance on various national priority issues. To this end, we are proud to be partnering with Maypole Group. Through their invaluable expertise and indispensable resources, Maypole Group are ideal partners in supporting The Malta Chamber to be at the forefront of brining positive change within the business sphere.”

Following the signature of this agreement, Mario Debono, Managing Director of the Maypole Group, said that this cooperation agreement marks a significant milestone for the Maypole Group and opens up new avenues for collaboration, growth and community engagement. This partnership will not only enhance Maypole’s visibility within the business community but will also provide valuable resources, networking opportunities and support for Maypole’s future endeavours. We believe that, together, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on our local economy. Mr Debono continued saying that, as we move forward, Maypole is confident that this collaboration will lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Mr Debono concluded by thanking The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry for the ongoing commitment to the business community.

The agreement was signed by Chris Vassallo Cesareo, Nicholas Xuereb and Dr Marthese Portelli, President, Deputy President and CEO of The Malta Chamber respectively, and Mario Debono and Sebestian Debono, Directors at Maypole Group.

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