TM reviews electric kick scooter policies as public use remains illegal

(source: Unsplash/Bence Boros)

Last Updated on Monday, 19 August, 2019 at 12:02 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

The use of electric kick scooters in public spaces is illegal in Malta, therefore riding them using their in-built electric engine is not allowed for the time being, according to a statement sent by Transport Malta (TM) to Business Malta. However, the transport authority is currently reviewing the related policies regulating this type of vehicle.

The use of these kick scooters in public spaces is illegal, hence, Transport Malta Enforcement Officers have issued fines with regards to such use. “The fines are set by the ‘subsidiary legislation regulating Electronic Scooters, SL65.26 – Low-powered vehicles and pedal cycles regulations’,” the statement sent by TM adds. Transport Malta, however, states that the authority is “currently reviewing its policies and draft regulations about the use of electronic [kick] scooters,” the statement sent to BM concludes.

As electric [kick] scooters are easily accessible at low prices, people are increasingly in favour of using them to commute, which is convenient given Malta’s small size and heavy congestion on its roads. Still, these electric [kick] scooters can ride up to 25-30 kph, which makes them fall closer to motorised vehicles than children’s toys on the spectrum of vehicles. Hence, riding them in pedestrian areas can be dangerous, while joining traffic on the roads includes liabilities that need due regulation.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The present story has been updated with a clarification in reference to the word “electric kick scooter”. For further information between electric kick scooters and electric bike scooters please see our Style Guide.

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