Watch: Prioritizing sustainability and economic resilience – PM’s focus at Brussels summit

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 July, 2023 at 10:13 am by Andre Camilleri

Sustainability, economic resilience and competitiveness are the way forward for the benefit of citizens, Prime Minister Robert Abela said at the EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels

The strength of common values should lead Europe towards more cooperation and  opportunities for the “benefit of our citizens”.

The Prime Minister said that this is a time where global scenario cross roads  have changed significantly since the last CELAC Summit that took place eight years ago, as new challenges emerge. Key to more robust and resilient societies and economies is the balance between sustainability, economic resilience, and competitiveness, he said.

The summit was attended by 27 Leaders of the countries of the European Union with Heads of Government or Representatives of 33 states of Latin America and the Caribbean.

During this Summit, Abela said that the strength of ties between the countries, both in bilateral and inter-regional relations, and the partnerships in areas of common interest should lead to more opportunities for the mutual benefit of EU countries and other states.

As for open trade, Abela said that it presents strong potential to strengthen commercial relations and create new jobs, with Malta also supporting the work of the European Union to strengthen these relations.

Abela also said that growth and economic recovery must ensure that they do not leave unwanted effects on the environment by contributing to climate change, and that Malta as an island has specific realities that must be safeguarded.

The consequences of climate change were also on Malta’s agenda in the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council as sustainability is crucial for the green and digital transition, and this renewed partnership ensures a greater effort in favour of these transitions, he said. Abela said that this is also in line with the priorities of the Maltese Government that while the economic success achieved in recent years was and is still the foundation of positive change in every area of life, “we are investing in a brighter Malta with an investment in the environment of our country, whilst keeping  the quality of life at the centre of our work”.

The Prime Minister concluded that this Summit of geo-political importance as it shows how a strong relationship between countries leads to more stability, peace and also addresses global challenges such as climate change and environmental protection.

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