Alfred Sant calls for financial and regulatory support to the cultural sector

In view of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic that has blighted the prospects of the cultural sector in Europe, Labour MEP Alfred Sant has called on policy makers at both national and European levels to support the cultural industry by all possible means: financial and regulatory.

In an explanation of his vote in favour of a resolution on the cultural recovery of Europe, Alfred Sant told the plenary of the European Parliament that promoters, agents, creators and schools of the performing arts are going through a very tough time.

The European Parliament resolution comes in as an expression of solidarity with those involved in the culture industry and aims to earmark a part of the economic recovery measures planned by the European institutions for the cultural and creative sectors and industries.

This will be combined with wide-ranging and swift actions in favour of Europe’s cultural and creative forces, enabling them to continue their work in the upcoming months, survive these times of crisis, and creating resilience in the sector.

Alfred Sant said that art forms that rely on the presence of an audience, such as theatre but not only, are suffering greatly. Shows have been cancelled, audience sales have dwindled, and funding, public as well as private, has in many cases vanished. This situation will probably last for a good while.

Alfred Sant expressed support for the European Parliament’s plan for at least 2 per cent of the Recovery and Resilience Fund attached to go to the recovery of cultural and creative sectors. “Only in this way can arts performers, creators, educators, publishers, authors, promoters and agents survive the storm, and once the conditions are right, provide again arts and cultural events that entertain while giving meaning to the life we live”, Alfred Sant told the European Parliament.

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