Launch of two schemes for local councils with a €600,000 investment

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera launched two schemes for local councils, with a €600,000 investment intended to offer a better quality of life in communities. The schemes will fund the creation of open spaces in the centre of towns and villages as well as funding for the maintenance and support of major infrastructural projects carried out by the government.

Minister Herrera stated that these schemes are aimed at continuing to create a healthier environment with open spaces to be enjoyed by the community. He said that the government is investing directly to change the quality of life of people positively. He explained that this investment will lead to more open spaces which will mean more clean air, more use of alternative means of transport, more trees and shrubs, more use of technology, it can also serve as a space for local artists and artistic talent to create artistic installations in the heart of the locality.

It was also announced that for another year, funds will be provided to help with the maintenance of infrastructural projects carried out by the government within the communities. Whilst the government has the obligation to continue to carry out major projects, it must be ensured that these projects continue to be maintained regularly and in a way that suits the same community.

“These schemes that are being announced today are moving forward in synergy with other initiatives, including the slow streets initiative spearheaded by the Association of Local Councils with the full support of the government. It is with this synergy that we can achieve the main goal of offering a better quality of life”, concluded Minister Herrera.

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