Anchovy catapults another retailer into the digital future

Last Updated on Friday, 27 August, 2021 at 12:25 pm by Andre Camilleri

ANCHOVY. PLC, in collaboration with NIU & ONEST Data was recently commissioned to rebuild the e-commerce website for Crosscraft, one of Malta’s leading retailers for household appliances. 

Faced with changing consumer demands and increasing competition from companies and start-ups, the white goods distributor felt the time had come to change its approach. It decided to adopt a “digital-first” strategy, involving the rollout of connected appliances that will generate valuable data and open up opportunities to sell consumers ancillary products and services. The overarching objective was to boost the top line by providing products and services across the full consumer journey.

Understanding the customer’s requirements was paramount, so the website design exercise was preceded by a market research and intelligence gathering project led by Onest. This was done to provide intelligence allowing Crosscraft to solidify their position as a market leader while highlighting the needs, wants, and frustrations of both their existing customer base and their internal staff. This gave the digital experts the opportunity to strategically reposition their brand and digital presence in a way that provides maximum benefit to both their customer base and internal operation.

With intelligence in hand, the goal was to design an online shopping experience beyond anything currently available on the Maltese market. One of the main considerations was to ensure that the website caters for the wide variety of ages and skill sets that make up Crosscraft’s customer base, allowing everyone to easily identify and purchase the perfect product for their needs while putting the spotlight on the superior customer service offered by Crosscraft.

Crosscraft director Robert Farrugia Vella confirmed that “the business is already clearly seeing the benefit of the new digital experience, with more revenue than ever before originating through digital channels. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, encouraging us to continue our journey with ANCHOVY. by continuously improving every aspect of our digital presence” 

Benji Borg, ANCHOVY founder added, “By adopting data-driven and consumer-centric business models, Crosscraft has transformed its offering and enhanced its portfolio with digital features.”

ANCHOVY is made up of a group of digital natives from across the globe. ANCHOVY provides services across the full business landscape. Focused on the digital connection of your business ANCHOVY can research and identify new opportunities throughout your customer journey and help you define, design and develop brand initiatives so they are market ready.

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