Half a million-euro investment by a local start-up perseveres during a pandemic

Last Updated on Monday, 30 August, 2021 at 5:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

Minister Silvio Schembri says that setting up of more new businesses shows investor confidence in the Maltese economy

Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri inaugurated the opening of a new company offering laundry services in both the commercial and domestic capacities. Named Clean Sheets Laundry, this investment – of more than half a million euro both in the facility itself and in machinery – has already created employment for 12 people while the process of recruitment for more new employees is still ongoing. The number of customers has already exceeded 60 and continues to grow, a clear example which shows that the recovery of the Maltese economy is already being felt in the heart of the business community.

“The inauguration of this start-up during a pandemic is a symbol of investor confidence in the resilience of the Maltese economy. With peace of mind, employers can continue to be courageous and not be apprehensive to start a new business or diversify their operations. We are determined to not only protect jobs and businesses, but also ensure that investment continues”, said Minister Schembri.

He spoke about how the government will continue to create an economic growth policy, which will ensure more jobs and higher wages. He said that in the coming days, he will be announcing how the agency INDIS Malta will continue to invest to assist entrepreneurs in setting up more start-ups.

Minister Schembri called on employees to continue to work hand in hand with employers and remain productive. He also thanked employers for their confidence in the government’s work and for their cooperation, so that even during trying times, they continued to manage turning challenges into opportunities.

Chief Executive of the company Aaron Xuereb explained that in 2019, together with his partners who had a business within the tourism sector, an opportunity to open a small commercial laundry service was recognised, with a view of strengthening the service in this field. He also said that in a short period of time, this idea became a reality and the company managed to gain various clients, which included several hotels, restaurants, and old people’s homes. Despite the pandemic, they persevered, diversified, and started offering home laundry services. Thanks to the assistance they received from the government, including the COVID wage supplement and the rent subsidy, they were able to continue with their business. They are currently continuing to invest in larger machinery and facilities where they can continue to operate.

“We have a plan to use technology to offer the best service to Maltese customers and we are optimistic that in the coming years we will continue to increase our investment in this business”, said Operations Manager Stanley Zammit.

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