BNI Malta to hold Joint Chapter event on 7 November

Unlocking business potential at BNI Malta. (source: BNI Malta)

The five chapters of Business Networking International (BNI) in Malta will hold its Joint Chapter event on 7 November, Thursday, welcoming businesses that seek to develop their network, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta. The meeting kicks off at 7.00 am at the Salini Resort in St Paul’s Bay.

During the open event, attendees will see how members participate in BNI by bringing bonafide referrals and/or visitors to their respective BNI chapter. Once a member, an individual gets access to BNI’s professional structure and a process of how that member can keep building relationships with other like-minded business people.

BNI also organises educational workshops and mentoring, in addition to the Members Success Programme (MSP): teaching members about more effective networking.

“BNI is about relationship-building. Therefore, the focus of membership is on the individual business,” BNI national director David Bullock said. “If one has a dream, if that person is focused, if the individual is ready to follow a process to become successful, then one has the right elements and fundamentals so that BNI generates more success for that particular business.”

Mr Bullock tags BNI membership as “exclusive”: only one person from each category, trade or profession is permitted to join a chapter, therefore, a member will not find competition from the same line of business in the same chapter.

“While all chapter members supply business referrals for the other members in that chapter. This way, all the members get access to more business opportunities. It is not rare to hear that two or three members join forces while retaining their autonomy, to create power groups and go for more and larger commercial initiatives,” added Mr Bullock.

Registration for the Malta BNI Joint Chapters event opens at 6.30 am. The event kicks off at 7.00 am and is scheduled to wind up around 9.30 am. Nevertheless, BNI advises to allocate up to 11.00 am for post-event networking.

It is recommended that one brings along about 100 business cards. Participation fee, including breakfast, is €13 per person. In case of interest, Maurizio Mamo and Carmel Bonello are to be contacted.

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