Economic sustainability, governance and wellbeing – MEA’s memorandum to political parties

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 March, 2022 at 5:21 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Employers’ Association has issued a memorandum to political parties, stating its position on a wide range of socio-economic matters, together with its recommendations for a better Malta in the coming years.

 In its preamble, the document states that …’ Malta does not need to be the best in Europe. What Malta requires is to be the best it can be, and we are far from having reached our potential. We need to come clean with ourselves about where we fall short, and we are falling short on many counts’.

The document adds that: ‘This is not just a time to cast a vote to decide on which political party will govern the country during the next five years. More fundamentally, what is required is to take stock of the social, economic and moral direction this country is taking. This memorandum is being forwarded by the Malta Employers’ Association to our political leaders in this spirit’.

Among the many issues covered, the memorandum incudes more than 170 proposals related to governance, education, the changing world of work and others addressing different sectors of the economy.

The salient issues focus on:

1. Governance: strengthening of governance systems to restore Malta’s reputation and be removed from the list of grey listed countries

2. A rethinking of the education system to minimise the incidence of early school leaving and ensure that our human resource reaches its full potential

3. Environmentally friendly strategies that safeguard the natural environment. Better transparency in processing development permits and ensuring that companies are able to reach carbon targets

4. The importance of Air Malta’s future as the lifeline of several economic sectors besides tourism

5. Supporting small businesses in meeting upcoming challenges 6. Sustaining a competitive labour market through the generation of higher value-added economic activities. Leveraging new technologies and embracing innovation to support existing industries and attract new economic sectors.

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