Erremme Business Advisors win at the 2021 edition of The Worker of the Year National Awards

Erremme's Nadine Dumu with the winner's trophy

Last Updated on Friday, 24 December, 2021 at 7:43 pm by Andre Camilleri

During an event held on the 17th December 2021, celebrating this year’s edition of The Worker of the Year National Awards, Erremme Business Advisors have, for the second time in their history, won the award for the best Organisation which promotes the right Environment, Benefits, and Working Conditions for Parents.

Erremme’s Managing Director, Mr Reuben M Buttigieg commented, “This is the second time we are winning an award. We won our very first pre pandemic. We believe that our winning concept is based on what we call the ‘4 Fs’, that is, First, Flexible, Fast and Friendly. We are adamant in our need to be First in our professionality and in implementing best practices, Flexible in everything we do – with each other, in our approach, with our families, with our work schedules and with ourselves, since we all peak at different times during the day. Fast in providing our clients with their requirements and fast in nurturing and supporting our human talent to perform better. Friendly while remaining disciplined, rigorously retaining professional boundaries at all times, both between ourselves, as well as with our clients. Since the company’s inception we have sought to invest in technology which provides the all-important flexibility to our staff, which we believe is essential in achieving an optimum work-life balance. That said, investment is ongoing as we believe in the importance of promoting and the maintaining of the ‘4 Fs’ concept, which is basically the secret to our organisation’s success.”

The Worker of the Year National Awards 2021 are about showcasing best practice and, as of this year, improving the personal and professional development of the worker in the workplace and in the community. The aim of these awards is to give recognition to the challenges of the work life, setting and environment; promote best practice and celebrate success; improve understanding of the range of work and an appreciation of quality work; celebrate and promote sustainability and social responsibility.

This year workers and teams were encouraged to gain recognition for their achievements in 9 different categories, including the ‘Organisation which promotes the right Environment, Benefits, and Workingcategory, of which Erremme Business Advisors were declared the winners.

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