GasanMamo donates diving kits to environmental NGO Żibel

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 at 1:33 pm by Andre Camilleri

Marine debris is a well-documented issue globally and locally with sobering statistics such as 244,000 metric tons of trash floating on the surface, and another 8.5 million metric tons of waste sinking to the sea floor every year. Leading Insurance company GasanMamo Insurance continues with its environmental CSR support to combat this crisis, this time with the purchase of two much needed diving kits and diving gear for environmental NGO Żibel.

The insurance company has always placed importance and priority on initiatives that support the environment, regularly offering contributions and support to NGOs like Żibel which is tackling the problems head on through regular clean ups both on land and under the water.

While divers regularly find car tyres, plastic and glass bottles, fishing tackle and ropes, there have also been some more unusual treasures discovered on these diving clean ups along the lines of false teeth, thermos flasks and literally thousands of coloured plastic bottle tops, as well as entire boat trailers, construction pipes and old diving flippers. Just this summer alone,  Żibel has collected 3.9 tonnes of waste with the diving clean ups.

“We’re pleased to be collaborating once again with one of Malta’s most energetic environmental NGOS,” said Mark Mamo, general manager for GasanMamo Insurance. “Their passion for cleaner seas creates a natural fit between our organizations, and the environmental ethos that we strive to create and support both within our organization and our communities.”

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